BULLNOSING CRANKING & CURVING 2020-06-08T06:49:51+00:00


IBCORR offers bullnosing on IBR profile sheets, specked to your unique project requirements, from structures to patios and everything in-between.

Made with lateral rib indentations at a uniform distance of 25 mm, in radii ranging anywhere from 400 to 800 mm depending on your required bend, bullnose sheets offer additional durability and weatherproofing qualities over conventional roofing.

For larger radii requirements, IBCORR offers curved profiles, creating a modern contrast to the straight lines of most standard straight sheeting roof projects.

Typically used in commercial projects but equally at home in residential projects, the maximum height (post cranking) we can manufacture is 2m, at a maximum sheet length of 10m in order to ensure safe delivery, and consistently high quality.

Where your projects require it, a wide range of colours can be pre-selected and pre-painted on either side of the sheets, depending on your aesthetic vision.