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Terms and Conditions

Orders, pricing and payment terms

Only typed quotations will be acknowledged by IBCORR.

Only typed orders with receipt will be accepted.

No changes or cancellations of orders once payment has been made.

Any conversion errors will not be recognized.

Prices quoted are subjected to change due to mill fluctuations.

All prices quoted will be invoiced as per IBCORR’s standard unit of measure.

Ordered goods must be collected on or a day after the collection date.

All orders must mirror the quoted price; otherwise rates will default to the normal list.

Cash terms will remain net unless specified otherwise.

All prices exclude V.A.T.

All prices will be valid from the date of the quotation to the end of the remaining month.

Credit applications are to be filled out and approved before credit is allowed.

Drawing, material and cutting lists (General)

Bull nose instructions and flashing details must be signed off on the correct documents by customer. IBCORR will thereafter not be held liable for misinterpretations.

Cutting lists and quotations remains confidential property of IBCORR and remains subject to IBCORR’s general terms and condition of sale.

A 10% consulting fee will be invoiced for drawings proceeded that do not result in an order.

Cutting lists and quotations will only be issued to the paying customer upon payment.

IBCORR is not liable for mistakes on cutting list signed off.

A signed cutting list must be returned to IBCORR before order can commence.

If the order is unsigned, but the customer has paid, that will be acknowledged as an instruction to proceed.

Any estimated sizes will be excluded from the quote.

All goods will be manufactured to the material, thickness and colour as stated on the quotation.

Any additional requests will be subjected to a special quotation.

Possible errors and omissions are excluded, and will not be entertained.

It remains the customers’ responsibility to store the materials as recommended by storage procedures.

If special packaging is required, please specify. This will be charged accordingly.

Standard colours are available as publicized on the website.

Rates quoted colour material from Chromadek® and colorplus®.

Material availability must be confirmed upon placement of order.

Lead Times

Lead times that are given are tentative and cannot be interpreted as precise without written confirmation from IBCORR.

IBCORR cannot accept liability for any penalties or similar claims incurred for late deliveries resulting from circumstances or events beyond our control.



IBCORR shall not render a warranty mero motu and shall not be liable for any reliance and/ or presumption of a warranty relied upon by any customer of any product supplied by IBCORR.

IBCORR shall offer a warranty to customer who specifically request a warranty, which warranty shall be reduced to writing and specifically agreed to by way of signature by both IBCORR and the customer.

The request for a warranty shall be made, by written request to IBCORR, prior to the placement of an order by the customer. 

All warranties offered by IBCORR, shall be subject to a background, as well as environmental evaluation to be conducted by IBCORR and/ or its agents and/ or its assigns. 

Following from the conclusion of the aforementioned background and/ or environmental evaluation, IBCORR shall render the warranty terms to which it is willing to offer to the customer. 

The customer shall have the election to accept the warranty on such a basis as offered by IBCORR, alternatively the customer shall reject the offer of IBCORR and no warranty shall apply to the goods supplied by IBCORR.

IBCORR is under no obligation to provide a warranty and the provision of a warranty shall be done upon the evaluation of a request by the customer and shall remain at the sole discretion of IBCORR.

IBCORR’s product warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed and/ or implied, oral and/ or written, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. 

In no event shall IBCORR be responsible for consequential or incidental damages and/ or loss of any kind.

Transport and deliveries

Delivery only included when stated on the quotation/invoice.

IBCORR can transport any length up to 13m long.

No vehicle or driver may be diverted to another address but that of which is on the delivery note.

The customer receiving must make sure they have the correct staff to offload.

IBCORR is not liable for any injuries or damage during offloading.

Goods may be collected when order is ready.

Goods may not be returned if not reported on the same day as delivery.