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Highly Practical. Ever Pleasing.

Body Designed to be a less effort, more economic alternative to box rib profiles while still holding onto aesthetic appeal, Widespan’s trapezoidal shape means greater coverage with less impact on your project plan.
Suitable for cladding and for roofing, Widespan may look similar to IBR profiled sheeting, but offers a few potential cost-saving advantages: Width, size and depth all play a factor, which means time, labour and material cost all stand a chance to benefit, depending on your project.


Widespan is a roofing and cladding profile that offers an economic alternative to deeper box rib profiles, while still holding onto the aesthetic appeal of the square fluted profile. Designed for commercial and industrial projects where medium angles are required, Widespan provides the same covering width as corrugated sheeting, but at greater spans and lower roof slopes.


• Widespan offers wider cover, requiring fewer sheets and leading to quicker installation compared to IBR.

• Ribbed profile offers great water carrying and shedding qualities, as well as stronger resistance to natural elements such as high wind and rain

• Structurally stronger than conventional profiles for improved security and added peace of mind

• Widespan can be factory cranked, curved or bull nosed to varying radii


Widespan sheeting has various residential, commercial and industrial applications, from roof coverings to side and wall cladding for factories and warehouses. Widespan is also a popular option for carports, garages and sheds, due to its economical and aesthetic prosperities.


Thanks to the rib height of the sheets, Widespan roof slopes can safely range from just 7.5º for sheets shorter than 30 meters to 10º for sheets 30 meters and longer. Depending on your roof slope requirements, we recommend that Widespan sheets be end-lapped at least 250mm lower degrees, and 150mm for sheets 15º and higher, but never less than 100mm.

Load/Span Capacity


Widespan sheets can be quickly, easily and cost-effectively installed with a self-drilling screw and washer, class 3 or higher.

To install the sheets, simply fasten a screw on the top and bottom ends of every rib, and every second rib for internal spans.


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