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Excellent Products, Rapid Lead Times, and Everything In-between.

Hello, we’re IBCORR –– a steel roofing manufacturer based at 222 Steventon Road, Anderbolt, Boksburg.

For the past 5 years, we’ve supplied the construction industry with high quality, affordable, and reliable roofing and steel structure products that stand up well to the African climate, because that’s exactly what they were designed to do.

Quality Products Made for South Africans, by Them.

Every IBCORR product is manufactured locally. From the steel, sourced from leading steel mills, to our manufacturing site in Alberton, Gauteng, our materials all reach us by South African road – the very same we use to deliver your products to you in the greater Johannesburg area.

A Product for Every Project, and Every Pocket.

IBCORR products help build everything from garages, carports and homes, to commercial and industrial scale projects, affordably, and on-time.

Exceptional Service. Exceptional Results.

Our customers range from individuals and businesses with once-off and small batch orders, to key account and retainer clients with weekly and monthly consignment needs. Each benefit from our great products, knowledge, experience, guidance and excellent customer service.

It’s what keeps them on top, and what makes IBCORR a steel roofing manufacturer like no other



A cost-effective, energy efficient multi-ribbed profile for projects where quick-to-install cladding is desirable.


A lightweight, yet tough and versatile rippled profile used as roofing and walling cladding.


Colour coated steel sheeting with heat reflective paint developed for the harsh African UV environment.

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