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Locally Made. Globally Relevant. 
Cost-effective and highly-versatile, Corrugated sheeting is probably––if not the––most commonly known profile used the world over, offering the benefit of being both more durable and more recyclable than any other roof sheeting in the market today.
A design perfected at the turn of the century, corrugated sheeting can be used as side cladding and roofing across projects, is galvanised for protection against the elements, and can be painted over with suitable paints to make it as easy on the eye as it is on the pocket.

Corrugated iron (sometimes called ’S-rib’) is one of the most widely used materials in the construction industry today, offering lower costs, easy installation and higher durability. Used in residential and commercial building projects where form and function are key factors, the smooth, curved profile of corrugated roof sheets feels at home in everything from low-cost housing to luxury homes.

• Raised profile offers excellent water draining qualities

• The smooth, wave-like design of corrugated iron is aesthetically pleasing, and is suitable for most projects

• Material is lightweight and easy to install, making it accessible to the private user and professional contractor

• Profile can be factory cranked curved, and bull nosed in both concave and convex directions

Corrugated iron can be used in residential projects such as stoeps and patios, Wendy Houses, and commercial projects including housing projects, factories and warehouses, where roof and/or wall cladding is required.

Load/Span Capacity


Corrugated iron can be quickly, easily and cost-effectively installed with a self-drilling screw and washer, class 3 or higher.

To install the sheets, fasten a screw through every second rib along the top and bottom edges, and every fourth rib for internal spans. Use a staggered pattern to reduce thermal expansion bulge, and be careful not to over tighten the sheets.


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