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A bold, square-fluted profile able to effectively cover widths of 686mm, Inverted Box Rib (more commonly known as IBR) is an attractive, practical and highly-durable side cladding and roofing option in residential, commercial and industrial build projects.
Apart from superior draining capabilities and an ideal weight to load/span ratio, there are more than a few reasons why IBR is a South African building industry favourite: IBR can be factory cranked, curved and bull-nosed to exact specifications, making it a malleable material across builds big and small.

Perfect for small residential, and medium to large commercial and industrial projects, Inverted Box Rib (or IBR) is a clean-looking, cost effective and practical roofing option for every type and scale of build.
Characterised by a trapezoidal, fluted profile, IBR functions equally well as both roof cladding and wall cladding, offering excellent water draining qualities.

• Rigid, lightweight, and easy to install, with high impact strength• Profile design offers longer spanning and greater allowable loads• Profile can be factory cranked, curbed, and bull nosed in both concave and convex directions.

IBR roof sheeting can be used in small scale residential, and medium to large commercial and industrial building projects, for everything from garages, carports, sheds and Wendy Houses, to low cost housing, offices, factories, and warehouses.



IBR sheets range from roof slopes of five degrees (5º) to 15º or more, with five degrees the minimum to ensure a safe, easy and conforming fit.

Depending on your roof slope requirements, IBR sheets should be end-lapped at least 250mm for 5º and 150mm for sheets 15º and higher, and side laps on low pitched roofs at least 100mm.


Load/Span Capacity


IBR sheets can be quickly, easily and cost-effectively installed with a self-drilling screw and washer, class 3 or higher.

To install the sheets, simply fasten a screw on the top and bottom ends of every rib, and every second rib for internal spans.



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